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Spring Is in the Air!

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Spring has sprung. Spring is in the air. Spring is here.

Spring is here. For someone who spent most of her life in tropical country, Spring is something to look forward to. It means, snow may not come again, it is replaced by spring rain. In Vancouver, one of the world's most livable city, it does make a difference. We have longer day as daylight saving time starts; sunrise is early, sunset is late. At 7:30-8 p.m., there will be sunset. So more time to enjoy the day, take an evening stroll, and do things outside.

Spring is special because we can see trees and flowers bloom. Colorful flowers to satisfy our eyes for beauty. Whenever I do my walk, I take time to stop, look, touch and smell the flowers. Here we are blessed with abundant cherry trees everywhere. Photos do not do justice to this delicate flowers.

The city received more than 37,000 cherry trees from Japan on 1930, what a generous donation! We also have a cherry tree celebration for the full month of April to celebrate spring. Some of the activities are open to public and free, such as cherry blossom umbrella dance, tree talks and walks, and bike the blossoms. I went to the kick off the festival in downtown area, Burrard Skytrain Station, and really enjoyed my time there. Took so many pictures of the cherry blossoms—it is one of the best spot to view the cherry blossoms—and marvel at their beauties.

In Japan, people have a traditional custom of having a picnic under the cherry trees. They gather among family, friends, and coworkers and have food and drinks together and enjoy the beauty of the flowers. It is called hanami.

It struck me that cherry blossoms do not stay long, hence it also symbolize the importance of celebrating life now and seizing the moment. In a world where we are pressured to accomplish and achieve, it is a gentle reminder for me to take time to appreciate nature and be grateful of the live I have been given.

In addition to cherry blossom, I also have the opportunity to enjoy many spring flowers: star magnolia, daffodil, lenten rose, pasque, hyacinth, and forsythia bushes (one of my favorite! So glorious in bright yellow).

I am blessed to be able to live here. Thank you mother nature! Thank you Lord!


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