Stimulus Payment

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Did you know that the stimulus checks that people are getting have the same rules applied when it is tax time. If you owe child support, student loans, IRS, or any other debt that they will take your check, gone something promised, and then taken away like a bad joke. It’s funny when you think about it; this was supposed to be something that people are supposed to be able to use to stimulate the economy, you know to get people spending. What it actually seems to be is nothing but a big pay day for the government and to put a lot of people who do not normally make a lot of money into a higher tax bracket and then to have to turn around and pay higher taxes on money they did not even get. How does that make any sense to the people who really need money right now. Big corporations are getting tax breaks all the time, deferred payments all type of ways to make sure they can keep their money in their pockets and then those who are not so lucky, those who have had financial issues will never see the money that could possible help .

What this is the government has found another way for the people to pay them and the people do not get anything in return when you think about and it turns out to be triple dipping in the long run. You owe student loans, you get behind and tried to make payment arrangements but they want your lung as a down payment and your first born’s payroll checks. Since you can’t give them what they want they will take it out of your checking account with out asking, they will just take it they will send you a letter telling you, “Oh by the way, we are taking money from your checking account and there is nothing you can do about it. Any taxes you might think you would be owed they get that, and now this stimulus check that was supposed to help the economy so you can buy something, you can’t get even get that they get it even before you knew it was coming. Then next year when you are filing your taxes you hope the money you never got did not put you into a higher tax bracket because now you have to declare it as income, so how did the economy get stimulated? Seriously anyone who thinks they are supposed to get a check think about whether or not you owe anything and if you do, don’t expect a check they already got it as payment. I mean seriously, we are paying for it over however many years down the line and then we are paying for it when we don’t get it because we owe some debt that we are trying to pay off and then we don’t get it and then we get put into a higher tax bracket when we have to file taxes on it as income the following in year. This not just a product of this administration, the first stimulus role out came under Bush but I don’ think people really thought about until the bottom fell out and the banks were being saved while everyone else was drowning.

Just something to think about.


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