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Tawdry Trivia

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Are you ever appalled at what makes news?

Squinched between news of Al Qaeda, cop-a-feel searches at the airport, the economy, and the housing market, we find scads of c-r-a-p on Kate (the mom who had a litter) and her new $7,000 hair do, which celeb is selling their multi-trillion-dollar home, what cool thing the president and his wife are wearing/doing/going to …

What about World News? What about how the housing market and its effect on middle class work-till-you-drop folks? What about the funneling of our military to countries who offer us nothing in return while we watch our sons and daughters die on their soil?

I know coverage on these topics is available, I just sometimes wonder if our youth will seek it out, or will they feed on tabloid B.S.? I know it is tawdry escapism, and it’s in your face every time you check out at the grocery store, but if we didn’t clamber for it, there wouldn’t be a market for the junk. As parents, as teachers, as friends, can’t we squelch our hunger for this ‘stuff’ and encourage those around us to embrace quality rather than garbage masquerading as news?


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