Taxes Are Simply a Money Recall

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Taxes. Hate them, but, with a government that believes it only prints, and then loans out to you, all the money that is actually, “backed by the full faith of the Government of the United States,” it is like the taxes are merely a recall of a defective product.

The defect is that there isn’t enough of the product, because it has a flaw. It is shrinking at 3 to 5 percent per annum. That is the “inflation rate,” or amount of extra money you need to purchase the same amount of food, clothing, and shelter that you needed last year.

1. Work harder, earn more. This treadmill never stops.
2. Work smarter, clip coupons.

Or, we all work together to repeal the sixteenth amendment! But, what took 100 years to implement is not going to go away easily. So, the proposal is to replace it with the Fair Tax. Co-sponsored by seventy representatives and four senators, endorsed by the GAO, and studied by a huge number of expert economists, mathematicians, in private practice, at Universities, and in government, it is a viable alternative that will tap the, “Underground Economy” of about $2.6 Trillion!

A fair tax is the most viable option, with 74 Congressional sponsors!

Could we start a discussion here, if DivineCaroline will change policy and allow political free speech!?

And, no, the “flat tax” does not meet with the approval of the GAO, and has none of the grassroots support of the American people, nor Congressional co-sponsorship of the magnitude that the Fair Tax does have!

Other nations have adopted a Fair Tax, and businesses are falling all over themselves to go there to a Fair Tax haven, but, other demographics still make the USA more attractive, once the tax issues are on a level playing field.


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