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The Teenage Feminist Papers: Introduction

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I am a feminist. Yes, I said that dirty word. Picky? I’d say not. A hairy old man-hating lesbian bitch? Even better. How does an independent, feisty, intelligent, man-loving, woman-respecting, nineteen-year-old feminist sound? We didn’t think too many of us existed anyway, especially according to our male counterparts who are quick to say “You just seem to get annoyed by us pretty easily. I mean women have their rights. Don’t girls like you hate guys?” Well, gentlemen, let me be the first to say: you couldn’t have been more wrong.

Society has planted in our minds that women no longer need to fight. All the female lawyers, doctors, and CEOs in our favorite TV shows (yes, ladies you know what I am talking about) have lead us to believe that we are no longer required to fight. However, if you actually look at the statistics, there aren’t many women in those professional fields. Aren’t you desperate to be a bit enlightened by this piece of knowledge that I have just acquired? Susan J. Douglas’ The Rise of Enlightened Sexism will enlighten you quite a bit and clear up some confusion in your clouded mind. It is so easy to get sucked into the whole “equality complex” that seems to plague the minds of so many women today.

The word “feminist” has such negative commentary attached to it, it is almost understandable that it would be defined in such a negative manner by the guys who say such comments. It has been buried in the 1970s and the older generation is worried that most young girls my age will get sucked into today’s media world: a world of rich white girls who spend every dime of their parents money planning the perfect sweet sixteen, and older women and younger girls who compete for the one bachelor. There is Teen Mom, the reality television shows and a clusterf**k of other forms of media stimulation that has bombarded the minds of my generation and the one after it. Every time a reality TV show portrays a girl evolving into a woman (far too fast in my opinion), it just highlights a man’s justification that a female only belongs in two places: the bedroom and the kitchen. They (girls) only want to shop, spend money, and please a man while fighting another fellow female who is just as blinded as they are.

I often wonder how many mothers worry about the shows they see on TV and how it will affect their daughter’s future. Will they come to appreciate their self worth as young women developing in the world or will they end up like another girl on TV who doesn’t realize how much respect and love she truly deserves? To my mother and all the mothers all over America, there is hope. There is the hope of the new definition of feminism: a young girl who respects herself above all else and who will not allow herself to be degraded by society’s constant demand that they submit to the idiocies of the media and the demands of men.

Of course, justice for a woman is not justice for a man. However, this does not mean that a woman is not capable of doing what a man is capable of doing. This does not mean that a woman should be subjected to the needs of a man. It does not mean that a woman should hate a man. I do not hate men. I just wish to be treated with the same respect and dignity that I treat myself with. I am among many other girls who are questioning their place in society and how much of an impact they will be able to make in this world. The world will one day become a breeding ground for the healthy growth of girls all over the world, but it is not a miracle that will happen overnight. It is time to organize and demand an end to the retrograde of women’s advancement.


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