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The best way to compel other people’s interest in your work is to tell a story rather than bore readers with facts—so says the expert, Brandon Yanofsky on CopyBlogger. I believe they’re right, and I feel content that my blog doesn’t involve writing posts full of boring facts. But then the “how can this work for me” reaction took over, since my work actually works the other way around—my passion revolves around inspiring and teaching people to write true, spirited stories of their own creation.

I really wanted to give the CopyBlogger idea a try, so here goes my brief story…

  • starting with a hook to pull you in,
  • moving quickly to the heart of it through action and reaction,
  • pulling the story together with testimonials by a few TellTale Souls as witnesses to The Story Woman Method.

And, yes, I think you will grasp that’s in it for you.


Sam and Diane, who are perfect strangers, would never look at their lives or their relationships in quite the same way after answering this deceptively simple question, “If you could tell just one small story that would capture your mother’s character and keep her spirit alive into the future, what would it be.”

I mentioned that Sam and Diane didn’t even know each other, but as they took in the potential power of this question, something veil-like pass over each of them, as is invariably the case, immediately pulling them into their private spaces of mind. Intently searching, they grew quiet and contemplative, while changing emotions flickered across their faces, as they came to understand this significant question as one that they really would like to answer, but would they? Will you?

Sam and Diane did join great numbers of people who realized that the psychological and spiritual impact of writing about their very first relationship would be remarkable, so they took the journey of a lifetime into writing their Mother Memoir. Join them now. Remember. Reminisce. Laugh. Shed a tear or two. Learn a thing or two. Have some fun and/or set yourself free just like Sam and Diane.

Granted, this is not necessarily an easy question to answer. It takes some sifting and sorting and the tasting of the bitter with the sweet, but Sam and Diane sought a little guidance from the Story Woman, as have hundreds of daughters and sons, to capture in brief memoirs the memories and feelings they never thought they could record. The Story Woman Method makes writing memoir doable, because the story tellers simply write a memoir of 800 to 1500 creative, soulful words to capture the character and spirit of their mothers. When people write their bio-vignettes, using their unique voices and insights as only they can, understanding unfolds and wisdom is there for the taking.

Sam and Diane were also inspired by the words of other people relating their experiences about writing the Mother Memoir. You will make up your own mind as you take to heart the following quotes by TellTale Souls:

“Lynn, I can’t remember the last time I cried about my mom. There was a wall between my heart and my memories of the brief time while I had a mom, writing this brought that time back to life in a way I haven’t felt in a long time. This project has given me the strength to pick up that burden, and embrace it as my mother’s final gift. You have definitely tapped into something of real value for people.”

“Telling this story was a good experience for me, and I’ve since done much soul searching and writing exploring the negative experiences in the relationship between my mother and myself. I now realize what I’m left with today, after doing my story, is called health!”

“At first I was surprised that all I could think of were stories of hardship or sadness, and that’s not what I wanted to write about. When I finally found the little memory of Mom that I did use to write my bio-vignette, it seemed to then unlock the door to happy, wonderful memories.”

“Very valuable lesson with Lynn Henriksen, because it turned the light inward, to our “mother lode” and the value of story to connect us to our deeper selves and to each other.”

“As I have written this story, I am aware of the tingling in my cells, the goose-bumps on my skin, as she surfaces from the background of my Being. I am struck by how she lives in me, with me, as me, always ‘just there.’ I had forgotten from whence I received my love of nature, my belief in fairies, my vivid imagination, my fascination with the Deep Mysteries, and I had long misplaced the sense of quiet stillness she gave to me. It is her voice I hear whispering, “Be still … listen.””

The End

Well, not quite The End—the end of this story is only the beginning for you. Peruse my posts, write your true and telling tale, savor the realizations for yourself, and send your Mother Memoir to me, if it feels right. If you need help along the way, let me know. You’ll be glad you did.


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