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Ten Simple Steps to Be Energy Efficient

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Use public transportation.
Ditch the car and you’ll avoid the traffic delays and the frustration of finding a parking spot let alone the pollution that your car adds. You can get to read a newspaper or a few pages of a good book.

Ride a bike to your destination.
Others will be envious of your well-toned body.

Get a clothesline.
Hang your clothes on a line to dry them and give the dryer a break. You also save on electricity.

Ask for a doggie bag and bring your leftovers home.
Reheat and eat it the next day. You’ll save on cooking gas or electricity, time, and money. There is no need to throw good food away. Some people die from not having enough to eat

Eat your leftovers.
Don’t just save them because you feel guilty about throwing away food. Don’t throw them away, keep in mind that food is a blessing and millions go hungry everyday.

Take Fido for a walk.
If you don’t have a dog, take your friend (the one with the jelly belly) on a walk with you, or just take Mr. Six Pack and help him maintain or develop his six-pack or take Ms. Beautiful Legs for a walk. Look at it this way—you’ll help your own body’s circulation and keep off those mean old vicious pounds of lard off your precious body.

Use surge protectors for your electronics.
Do turn them off when they’re not in use.

Don’t wash your hair every day.
Washing your hair everyday dries it out. You save water and possibly keep your hair from falling off and the energy consumption that your blow dryer uses by avoiding daily washes. 

Pull the drapes away from the windows.
Do let the sun in. It’s free you don’t need to have the lights on unless it’s dark and you need the lights to see.

Sit on the balcony or in the backyard for dinner or lunch.
Give your lightbulbs a break. (Your utility company will not like you much since you won’t spend much on electric consumption, but why should you care? It’s your money and you don’t have to give it away.)

Soon, we may see an increase in the price of utilities, but there are steps that all of us can take to reduce consumption and keep the bills down. Being energy efficient should not mean that we have to pay more in order to force us to use less. It’s possible to use less but there are steps of which we can be mindful to take that will save on consumption. A major step is for wider use of public transportation. I know several people who simply resent having to use public transportation, but many of these folks use taxis and that’s ok. There are just simply too many cars on the road and I have a feeling that if public transportation were free of charge, there would be fewer cars on the road. I don’t think anyone needs to conduct a scientific study to make that determination. If public transportation were free, millions will take advantage of it. If it costs less to drive, why would anyone use public transportation unless they had to?

We use electricity like crazy. Everyone is locked inside their cars or behind the blinds or shades. The parks are empty, the bike paths are just stand there and collect dust, and are used by insects while we eat in our cars, order fast food through drive-thrus sipping on super large soft drinks for the drive back home to watch television. Anyone wonders why our posteriors grow larger than we would like them to? Diabetes? Heart disease? But we have so much food and it’s delicious. Abundance is a blessing not for over consumption. Excessiveness is not healthy.


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