Terrorist in Florida

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We really shouldn’t talk about this right?

I mean, the kid was just asking a question

Maybe a ‘lil loud, maybe sassy,

But this kid had a question.

Oh wait, three questions.

Then, maybe, it was the statements in between that incited a tasering.

What types of questions were they, you ask?



Not really, I considered them important, pertinent even.

Actually the kid had some stones, ya know?

He looked like he had truth just-a-burnin inside him.

So I say this kid, with all his bravado,

Sans a press pass and a scripted overview of topics Senator Kerry was willing to discuss,

Made himself a bit of a decision,

He was not going to play ball,

He was going to poke a little fun.

Make a mockery of this charade.

And let all the chickens in to roost on the land laid out for them.

Land of lights, camera, and action.

All staged.

And he was going to be the crazy liberal.

Good for him.

Playing the moderate hasn’t done much.

They have spent so much time pointing out the left winger.

The truth seekers, seers, and speakers;

Those that are paying attention.

As fanatics.

And making it seem, they are so “far out.”

Democrats are being pushed into the closet.

Or to some middle line that does not exist anymore.

This only makes all the people of the land look nuts.

So this kid has had it, as I have had it.

I wanna tell him thanks man,

That was what we needed.

But in this land, not so far from 1984,

Even I am afraid for him,

The thought actually enters,

What will they do to his family?

I don’t mean cement boots or anything,


Just a good old fashion sixth-grade style ostracizing would probably be enough right?

Or, maybe we should take a look at history?

Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini

What did they do when the people acted up?

Oh, oh yeah that’s right….

Um, lets just not talk about it, ok????



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