Thanks for Your Service

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I read a great piece by Dorothy Hutchison today called “Amazing Speech by a War Veteran.” Dorothy is a former Marine and a very sharp woman. She made me think about the members of our US Military. In the dark days after the horrific events of 9/11, my husband was called to active duty and sent to the Middle East for a one-year deployment. It was hard on me; it was hard on him. Alex had four years of active duty in the Navy, then Navy Reserves for four years, and then changed to Air National Guard when his squadron moved to Texas.

Since we live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I heard a lot of comments about how wrong this upcoming war was. Uh huh. I had people actually ask me if Alex knew what he was doing was wrong. My husband is military through and through. He went where he was sent. He did his duty. It didn’t matter if he agreed with what was being asked of him. His Dad was a Marine in Vietnam, and so were his five uncles. They did what they were told to do. And they never regretted a moment of it. With a lot of sadness, Alex retired last year after twenty-five years of service. Oh yeah, he’s a hero. Dorothy Hutchison is a hero. Sylvia Bradley’s husband Lamar is a hero.

I firmly believe that the men and woman who make up our armed forces are some of the finest people in the world. They risk their very lives to ensure that we have to freedom to live as we choose. They are put in harm’s way so that we don’t have to be. They deserve our support and respect, and more than that, our heartfelt thanks for the job that they do.


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