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I wish all my friends and loved ones would take a minute to join me for thanksgiving. This is a very special thanksgiving because its a new year and first of all I will give thanks and praise to God for keeping, caring, providing, and protecting all of us who make it .Wow what great joy it is knowing all of us have loved ones. Maybe it’s your children or your parent or your husband also wife in whatever way we share our love it is a great feeling of celebration to see and feel the sweet welcome breeze of another new year. Let us not waste time in life to worry about the things we cannot change let us praise God to the full and do whatever good deed we can to those we come in contact with. I enjoyed putting smiles on other people’s face whether it’s an adult or children even to crack a joke because watching you smile makes me happy,or even better to have a good laugh it keeps us young. Well I guess its time once again to all friends and loved ones I hope you all enjoyed thanksgiving with me. This is my present to all of you may god bless and keep and grant you all your heart desire’s for another year.


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