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There Are No Castaways

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We are all here together, no matter how unpleasant the situation may become, your star may shine a little brighter than mine, but I’m still a star. You may have a bit more knowledge than others and myself but we are all still here, there is no room for castaways.

When I look at you, I see no perfection; I see no pedestal under your feet or crown on your head. But what I do see is a struggling individual as myself wanting to reach great heights in life. I see no castaways here.

Our world is so full of delusions of false dreams and hopes; it robs un-expecting victims of its love, respect, and dreams of achieving greatness. It causes us to throw the less desirables to the wolves, and we watch as the world rip them apart by those that is overly ambitious and greedy. But still I see no castaways.

What I long to see, is a hand reaching out to help, a kind word to uplift and a philanthropist spirit to care. No matter what the world may see. I will never see castaways.



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