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Is There A Creeper In Your Neighborhood?

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My kids call people creepers. Creepers to them do strange things, have spooky habits and such. We live off the main road and have had a car parked on the road almost in the ditch for two weeks. This is a deep ditch and I have seen the man there a few times but never caught him there.

Today, I decided to report it to 911. Now what is wrong with me? If anyone else had told me about this car being parked here at different times of the day, for the last week or two the first think I would tell them is to call the police.

The boys got off the bus and I was headed to the post office and we saw the car. On the way home I pulled up behind it and got the make and model number along with the license plate number, but came in and started dinner.

In the mean time, my youngest, who is in charge of our recyclables and the bins have to go to the end of the drive tonight. He was taking them out and the man was at the car and it gave my son a spook. Now whether or not he was dangerous I don’t know but it got more than my attention. And I called 911. They asked if I wanted a patrol car out but I told them no, because the man left, and quite honestly I thought that I gave them enough information to run this person down.

A car showed up less than 10 minutes after I placed the call. We’re about about a mile from the county post. The officer asked me some questions about the car and I answered them the best I could but honestly? The trees cover the area and I can’t see it from the house. I have to walk to the end of the driveway to see it. While he was pulling out I noticed him stop a neighbor walking by, and I’m sure the car was in question.

I was taught you didn’t call the police unless it was an emergency and I guess I didn’t really consider this an emergency. It didn’t phase me that not only could it endanger my kids but others on our road too. NOW I think it’s an emergency. I don’t feel stupid for calling the police, I feel stupid for NOT calling the police.


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