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The Thing That Makes Me Smile the Most

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The thing that makes me smile the most is when I see children of all races and creeds joyfully playing together.
A couple of days ago, the thing that made my heart smile the most was when I went to our neighborhood grocery
store to pick up the usual bread, eggs, and milk.

As I walked toward the outside entryway, I saw a little Black boy and a little White boy, sitting together,
laughing, and having a boyish conversation. But, what first caught my eye was that there was a can of soda
sitting between them; as I watched, one would take a sip and then the other would take a sip.

I can not fully describe this photo in motion. It was a dream of reality … really.

The sun was shining bright, you could hear the birds chirping and singing, and one butterfly danced back and forth among the beautiful flowers in front of the store.

The boys were so into enjoying the beauty of their day until they did not see me at first when I approached
them. (They looked to be about ten or eleven.) I smiled and spoke.

Cheerfully one of the boys spoke back while the other boy spoke with his hand smiling, while waving his hand
back and forth. All my heart could do was rejoice. As I paused within myself for a moment, I thought
Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream has unfolded.

Our children were joyously laughing together. All this ol’ lady could do was to look up and quietly smile.
With my eyes in a glisten, I whispered “ Lord, Today I see …

We have entered into your dream.”


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