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Those Crazy Celebrities

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In our society, celebrities are the equivalent to royalty. We put celebrities on a pedestal and feel that they can do no wrong. When a wrong does occur we scold and criticize, but like loving parents, we allow them back in our good graces again. We enable celebrities to behave badly, to act as if they’re above the law. We then have the nerve to be shocked when they cross the lines of human decency. Hello! Celebrities are not gods—they’re human beings. They are flawed just like anyone else—perhaps a bit too flawed.

Case in point: Mel Gibson. Mad Max. Yeah, he’s mad alright. The man is downright insane. For the past few days, I’ve watched shows such as Access Hollywood and Extra play censored tapes of Mel’s tirade against his ex-girlfriend Oksana, the mother of his eight-month-old baby girl. Everyone other word is a profanity. He yells, screams, and threatens his former love. He even hints at doing harm to himself. Go ahead, I say. Do us all a favor and put yourself out of your misery.

I hate to be so cruel, but enough is enough. This man needs help and the therapist he’s supposedly seeing is not doing his job. Gibson is getting worse not better. I’ve never been a fan of Mel Gibson. I haven’t watched any of his movies in recent years. I remember watching Mad Max as a kid, but was more intrigued by Tina Turner’s character than by Gibson’s. But I do remember him being young and handsome and full of life. Now, he’s a broken old man who has lost his way. He’s angry at everyone—including himself. 

I don’t understand how a man who can go to such heights in the movie industry (Passion of the Christ) is now scraping the bottom of the barrel. Whoopi Goldberg defends Gibson and claims that he’s not a racist. Sorry Whoopi, the man you know is no longer there. Gibson is a racist and an abuser. He’s on an emotional rampage and if he’s not stopped, he’ll leave bodies in his wake. I suggest, Whoopi, that you get out of the way.

Another fallen celebrity is Lindsey Lohan. This girl is a piece of work. How can someone who is twenty-three years old, look so old and decrepit? She’s a basketcase! Deep down, she knows that she has messed her life up. But, unlike Gibson, she still has time on her side. Youth may be her saving grace. Soon Lindsey will begin her ninety-day stint in jail. There’s a good chance that she won’t even do the full ninety days. But if she does, this could be an opportunity to hit the brakes on her out-of-control life.

Lindsey can still make a comeback. Now, I’m not a fan of her either, but at least she’s not threatening to kill someone and making racial remarks. Yes, she’s been partying too much, driving drunk, and making a general a%% of herself, but she can rebound from her mistakes. Lohan can put the past behind her and start fresh. It’s up to her to make a change.

My final celebrity is Tiger Woods. Someone must be planning a movie about this man! Last November, Tiger shocked the world when it was revealed that he was cheating on his wife with not one, not two, not three … oh forget it—the man was playing house with a harem! I hope Elin Woods had herself checked out because Tiger’s tail was wagging everywhere.

Before the scandal, I had always considered Woods to be a model athlete and celebrity. The only time you heard anything about him was when he was entering a golf tournament or when his wife and he had their children. You didn’t hear anything else about Woods. He kept his personal life under wraps. Now, with the scandal out, Tiger is viewed differently. While he’ll always have a place in golfing history, he now has a few more dubious distinctions: sex addict, womanizer, cheater. Tiger is setting records in other areas now.

Someone needs to grab that Tiger by the tail.


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