Threshold of Success

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It is indeed a suspense in the making. This young girl who had been singing the emotional, haunting song “I Have Nothing” is almost at the threshold of a much awaited fulfillment of her childhood dream. It was a long winding road that brought her to where she is now. All those accumulated frequent flyer mileage from her faraway island nation to the shores of America to the shores of Europe and the Orient. All the heartaches of partial Filipino judges in singing contest, the days where all she ate daily are cup of noodles, the uncertainty that if she does not sing in the Malls, they won’t have any money to buy food or pay rent. All these events and unfair burdens were placed on the frail, delicate shoulder of a young Filipino girl, who as her song says “I have nothing” which in hindsight, coming from the poorest of the poor could easily drove anyone to desperation.

Without any doubt, with divine intervention, this girl was able to turn her young life into a true-to-life success story. It couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

Her rapid rise to stardom is just unbelievably phenomenal. No matter what Filipino journalists or any detractor’s negative views of her and her ability, this girl is one of a kind, a sui generis. She is an inspiration. She came out of the rubble, so to speak, and grew her wings and came out a “phoenix.”  She is indeed uniquely remarkable in so many aspects.

It is without any doubt that her loving, sweet mother is her guiding torch. Mommy Raquel’s humble prayers were heard and have been the guiding light to show them the way. Her unbridled devotion and untiring support for her daughter became the true catalyst that started it all. The belief that her four year old daughter has the unique talent, and can sing from the heart, and can capture her audience was their only pride possession.

If by now you haven’t guess whom I am talking about, it is none other than the inimitable Charice Pempengco or just Charice. Please remember her name.

Yes, Charice has reach the threshold of success. Her first major movie produced by Warner Bros. is soon to be released in December 2009. Starting this month of October, she will embark on a ten city, ten day tour. By January 2010, her first U.S. album produced by fifteen-time Grammy laureate, legendary composer David Foster will be released.

She had accomplished these mammoth tasks in less than two years. Although, we have previously expressed our sincerest gratitude to all the people who are instrumental in making this dream of Charice a reality, we are also extending the most profound gratitude to all the devoted Chasters, Divanatics, ChariceManiacs or others who just want to watch her videos, attend her concerts or above all buy her cd’s.  Whoever you are, the gratitude is upon you. Whatever language you speak, the love for Charice knows no boundaries.

As a welcome tribute to the many international Charice followers, which I know, because you also love to read everything or anything about her, I humbly say:

“Obrigado por seu apoio Charice.”
“Merci pour votre’ soutien Charice.”
“La rin grazio’ per il vostro sostegno Charice.”
“Muchisimas gracias por su apoyo a Charice.”
“Maraming salamat po sa pag tang kilik at pagmamahal ninyo kay Charice.”

As we wait in suspense for her first album made in the United States, please bear in mind that Charice has work so hard to make this album something special for her fans. As David Foster said, “I don’t want a good album, I want a great album for Charice.”

As a staunch supporter, I am obliged to write this article in the hope that some other misinformed journalist or detractors will be fair enough to see the true hard work, ability to connect with her audience, skill in stage presence,  and enormous talent that is uniquely Charice.  She has brought so much joy to so many and extraordinary pride to her native country. The happiness, love, unending admiration, and inspiration is evident in every true Charice follower. 

We, the fans in America, never attempt to support one artist and would put down the other.

If we adore one artist, we simply buy her cd’s and attend her concerts with passion. If we feel that the other one is not our liking, then, likewise, we simply keep quiet and refrain from putting them down. That is the democratic way of life. What matters is how a civilized nation would treat each artist based upon their own personal taste of music and genre and the high calibre of singing voice delivered by the artist regardless of where he/she came from originally.

In Charice quest for singing success in the United States, she was able to overcome all the many hurdles, and obstacles that may hindered her access into the tough American music scene. Miraculously, the doors were opened and we welcomed her with open arms. That alone is remarkable and can not be explained merely by words.

I, myself, a very busy student can’t find the reason why I am so into her? I know my article could end up in the farthest corner of the globe with the aid of the modern technology Internet. This is what I beg of you, please support this young singer, Charice. You will be captivated by her big, extraordinary voice. I guarantee.


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