Too Much Snow for Santa

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I was quite young when we lived in the hills of Pennsylvania. I was so excited about Santa coming with things to put under the tree and in our stockings, but it started to snow early in the morning and it never stopped for many days. Mommy baked all kinds of cookies and made her special fudge. We all were keeping warm in the little house that my daddy and uncles built years ago. Mommy had us kids all sit down to tell us that it didn’t look like Santa was going to make it through the bad storm for Christmas. We all were sad and I ran off to my room crying.
I fell a sleep only to be woken by what sounded like a loud bunch of bumblebees. I went out to the living room to see what mommy and daddy thought of the noise. We all seemed to go around and around to find out where the sound was coming from and what was making the noise. All of us got bundled up and stepped out into the path that daddy had already shoveled out several times during the snowstorm.
To our surprise, two snowmobiles pulled in up close to the house and there was my sister and her husband.
Both of them had drove through the storm to see us and in the caboose that was attached to one of the snowmobiles was all the fixings for a Christmas dinner and all sorts of presents too. I remember my sister telling me that Santa had told her that he couldn’t get through to us, so they became Santa’s helpers and delivered not just to us by snowmobile, but also to many others up in the hills of Pennsylvania.


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