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Top 10 Reasons Why Teaching is a Satisfying Career Choice

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Teaching can be a great profession. However, it’s not for everyone. In fact, many teachers end up switching careers after just a few years because of factors including: low pay, intense workloads, and pressures to teach to the test. For the ones who choose to stay, a teaching career can be very rewarding. Below are my top 10 reasons why teaching can be a satisfying profession.

1) Spread the passion of learning.
When you teach a subject, you must also learn it. The best way to spread passion is to be passionate about it yourself. If you love to learn, teaching can be a great career for you.

2) Influential in our future generation’s lives.
At some point, every productive adult in this country had one or more teachers who positively influenced them in some way. You can be that positive influence on the next generation.

3) Every day is different.
From the things your students say, to the curriculum you teach, every day will be different. It is rare to have a non-eventful day while teaching (especially when working with children).

4) Independence in the classroom.
Once you shut that door and begin your lesson plan for the day, you’re the one who decides what will happen. There are not many jobs that allow so much freedom, leaving you with room to be creative and make your own plans.

5) Conducive to your family life.
If you have children, you’re going to get the same days off for holidays and school breaks. Many teachers tend to bring their work home with them (grading papers and planning lessons), but you’ll still be able to spend a little extra time with your family.

6) July and August.
Teachers don’t go into teaching simply to have their summers free. This just happens to be a perk of the job. But if you need some extra cash, some teachers spend this time teaching summer school or working another job.

7) Turn your love of learning into a passion for teaching.
Most people aspire to work in a field they are passionate about. It can be difficult to find your passion. It can be even more difficult to turn it into your career. If you are passionate about a certain subject or learning in general, why not pursue a career in this field?

8) To be a constant support system for your students.
Unfortunately, many students will see you more than they will see their parents. For these students, having someone in their life who they can talk to, look up to, and gain support from can mean all the difference in their lives.

9) Daily Entertainment.
Kids say the “darndest” things. You’re guaranteed at least one laugh on a daily basis. I’ve even heard stories from other teachers that are too inappropriate to write about here. But, they are nonetheless entertaining.

10) Be involved in your community.
If you’ve always had pride for your community (wherever you end up living), becoming a teacher is a great way to stay involved in your community. You’ll have a chance to impact your community in addition to your students’ lives.

Andrew McDonald, a young UT student told me he is choosing to pursue a teaching career because, “It seems that the public education system in America is lacking compared to other countries because we just don't have enough passionate and motivated teachers. I want to teach beyond what the state wants. I want to go a step further and explore other areas that are not in the curriculum. I want to enhance the public education system by motivating my future students. I want them to want to learn. It is my hope to help them make a better life for themselves by encouraging them to pursue a higher level of education after graduating high school. We’ve all had good and bad teachers that stick out in our educational career. I aspire to be one of the good ones.”

Here are some questions for thought:
1. If you’re thinking about becoming a teacher – why?
2. If you’re already a teacher – what do you love about your job?
3. If you’re not thinking about becoming a teacher – which one of your teachers had an impact on you?


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