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Traveling Light with Moonshine

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I received this email, poison pen, “Trojan” pony regarding another person’s desire to boycott every product that was not American or “Made in America.” Here is an idea for poison pen: how about poison pen get rid of everything in her own house that says made in china? How about lobbying the government before it decided to borrow from China?
At some point xenophobia has to stop being disguised as fiscally conservative or responsible patriotism. If the writer suggests that we buy only American, is that an attempt to lead to the argument that many of the inflated fall lockstep into: “All Americans should speak English or leave … and if you don’t speak English go back to your own country, but how many languages do we speak? How can America be an isolationist nation, it’s easy in Japan where there is a homogenous society (okay not totally), but there education is first and foremost, drug dependence is discouraged, and the idea of self-improvement is lived not discussed.

I think this idea of boycotting goods from one country simply because it’s not your own, is a very dangerous idea, because inside this hides and an insidious group who lives for bigotry, separation, and strife. My skin is just as brown as some truly Native Americans, Asians, Mexicans, and other Latinos, and maybe I can go to China one day, hopefully speaking the language and being open to new experiences and new people. 

Personally, the people that I have heard saying these same “pseudo-christianpatriotic” comments are the same ones that silently call for an “all-white town” or no “mixed” communities. They are stunned when they see a woman from San Francisco (but of Chinese descent) on TV and they can only describe that San Francisco woman (part of America) as “that foreign girl.” These are the same people who tell me verbatim that “only those Muslims are killing people,” as if the one country that dropped a nuclear bomb wasn’t their own. These are the same people who say, when a certain southern sheriff “allegedly” said that he would stop any car that held a white and black person, and it would be pulled over and its passengers would be subject to search and/or arrest, “He is not racist people just have nothing better to talk about,” and “Those Mexicans don’t have driver’s licenses.” These are the same people that say, “Well they are gonna kill him, anyway … and he only wants to play basketball …” Are they are going to riot if Obama wins?”

These are the same people, that claimed to be such “good friends” who could not speak to me after the November elections. It’s really sad and frightening, that some things can be perverted into such awfulness. The idea that patriotism means that I separate myself from hate and kill someone who is different, or has more than myself, it’s that distorted perception that is as perverse as that sad country joke that goes, “Yeah, I sleep with my brother but I didn’t have nothing else to do?!”

Some things should not be done. Sometimes things go too far and cannot be undone. For example, there was a Brazilian girl, in I think Sweden or Austria, who was talking on the phone to her mom while she walked out of the metro station; two men heard her speaking a foreign language, Brazilian or Portuguese, so in anger they kidnapped and tortured her. Although she was not raped, the men carved the initials of the conservative party of that country into her belly. The woman, mind you, was eight months pregnant and miscarried the baby the same day, I believe. She was twenty-seven years old.

It will be impossible to avoid all foreign goods when the real objective, in this country, is to make as much money as you can no matter who you step over along the way, no matter how many letters you carve into the skin.

This may not be quoted exactly, but it goes this way, “Travel dispels the bigotry of the traveler,” but if you do not have an education, if you don’t have any money, and you can’t get more (of either), and you can not give it to your kids, nor teach them how. So it becomes a cycle, case in point, New Orleans. How many Fortune 500 companies are located there in comparison to say Dallas, Raleigh, or Atlanta?

(The email that sparked this story failed to mention the writer’s businesses portfolio, lobbying efforts, education level, reading comprehension level, percentage of functioning brain cells.)


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