Truth in Advertising? Don’t Believe It

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Wings or no wings? Mini, maxi, or thong? Applicator or no applicator? Cardboard or plastic? Life has gotten really complicated since I was a teen. Back then, if you needed “ladies things” they came one way. In the 60s, my mom’s “needs” were actually delivered discreetly wrapped in plain brown paper by Jones Apothecary. Difficult to imagine that now, when it seems like everywhere you go you’re bombarded by advertising about panty liners, pads, or tampons. I remember the first time I was sitting next to my boyfriend and an ad (probably for Kotex) came on TV. I just thought I was going to die.

Growing up I’d heard stories of my grandfather having to go to the store to buy ladies things for my grandmother and his three daughters. As the story goes, whenever he had to go to the store for that he always said he was going for “dried peaches.” (I never did get an explanation for that). My, how times have changed.

What I find amazing is that in these days of truth more truth in advertising, women in ads on TV are still being shown during their periods with goofy grins on their faces, wearing their bright white pants while doing handsprings. I always had cramps, bad cramps. I don’t remember ever smiling, much less having some goofy grin on my face during those days. I missed an entire vacation in Virginia Beach one summer, instead lying in the motel room with a heating pad; not to mention looking like I had chicken pox from all my breakouts.

Even as an adult, sometimes I’d be caught unprepared by Mother Nature. Who among us didn’t throw away numerous pairs of undies back when after they were deemed just not worth saving? After the first time I ruined a white skirt in the 60s, I never wore white again on those oh so special days of the month.

Now that we’ve all traveled back down that fun road again for a bit, does a patchy memory from Menopause really seem like such a big deal today?



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