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Twenty-Six Things in 2011

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We make New Year’s resolutions every year. Some make a list and triumphantly cross off each resolution to the end, but others end up just them writing down. So last Tuesday, when we had our first upper household meeting, we were asked to write down achievable and realistic things that we’d like to have happen to us in 2011. I was able to come up with twenty-six things, as that number coincides with my age at the moment. And I’m happy to share with you the simple things I’d love to do this year.

  1. Tithe 10 percent from my income, monthly.
  2. Write monthly in DivineCaroline so as to use my talents in writing.
  3. Enrich my financial vocabulary by reading a lot of financial books and listening to e-books.
  4. Gain weight and schedule my annual physical exam by my health-care insurance provider (the only one in the Philippines).
  5. Read a book of at least eight this year.
  6. Attend the PICC feast monthly.
  7. Participate at least twice a year in a run-for-a-cause event.
  8. Pilgrimage in Manaog, Pangasinan, and Pink Sister at Tagaytay.
  9. Buy a kare-kare for my mother’s birthday.
  10. Buy my sister a pitchi-pitchi on her graduation this year.
  11. Sponsor a Metro Manila Conference registration.
  12. Household twice a month with my new members in Singles for Christ.
  13. Clean the remaining stuff in the house and file them properly.
  14. Get to work early (not just on time).
  15. Continue to drink my lemongrass tea.
  16. Buy jogging shoes as my birthday gift.
  17. Go to Enchanted Kingdom with my friends.
  18. Buy a new blouse monthly since I did not buy a new one last year.
  19. Help my sister pay her HSBC credit card.
  20. Buy a new cup for tea in Daiso.
  21. Make a dream board.
  22. Save 20 percent for my EF and MF.
  23. Build my team to have my passive income monthly.
  24. Pray to the rosary.
  25. Meet a lot of new people in the chapter.
  26. Love joyfully.


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