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The Ugly Head of Communism, Part 4

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When our friend Lucy was hired to teach English at a college, it was her first job out of University so the salary was low. That was okay with her, she wanted the job. She told them that she could not work on Saturdays. The school told her that was okay, not a problem. Because her salary was low, the school told her that she would be paid an additional amount for each class that she taught and that she would receive this additional amount at the end of the term. But when the end of the term came, they refused to pay her the additional amount and told her that the reason for this decision was that she had refused to work on Saturdays.

Not everyone in China is a member of the Communist party. Not everyone in China likes being under the communist regime. But they are powerless. Party members receive the best, highest paying jobs and usually without the qualifications to do the job. Party members receive the best, most luxurious homes and perks, with the government paying for a large portion of the cost of these expensive homes. Non-party members often do not get the jobs and even if somehow they do manage to get the job they don’t get promotions.

In the colleges and universities there are mandatory meetings that the students must attend and they are frequent and they eat away study time that the students need. These meetings are to brainwash the students and to “properly indoctrinate” them to “party thinking.” There are also many mandatory meetings for the teachers and professors for this same purpose of brainwashing and for the continuation of “party thinking.”

Once we wanted to mail some things home to America. We boxed the stuff up and took it to the post office. To our surprise the clerk at the post office promptly opened our box, took everything out and examined it very closely. Our friend who had accompanied us to act as our interpreter told us that we had to buy the box from the post office and we could only mail what the post office said we could. When our computer developed problems, we wanted to send it home to America where it could be repaired under warranty. We were not allowed to mail it home. We were told that it could have espionage materials in it so could not be mailed to the United States. We could not mail DVDs or CDs for the same reason.

Does this sound like a system of government that you would be happy living in? I was happy living under it for one reason and that is that I knew my time there was limited and I would be coming home to America. Can you imagine how I feel coming home to America and finding that my country is now only a heartbeat away from becoming communist?


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