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United States Army Veteran Tryin’ to Tell My Life Story

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So it all started one day on the block, a New York City block that is. It was just another day for me. Imagine getting all dressed up and cute to sit on the stoop with my cousin. I had dropped out of high school so I had nothing at all to do with my time. So the day began, same old people, on the block. Drug dealers working their corners early in the morning, people walking to the number-4 train. From where we sat we could see Yankee Stadium. For some people this would be a view I would guess. But for me, just another day. Out so early that the morning fog was still coming up. You could smell the coffee already brewing from peoples houses and the bodegas

 We are sitting here on the stoop, my cousin and I. Sitting on the stoop? More like the two concrete stairs that lead into the building. What a life? When you sit and think how many people come to New York City to tour. To sit and gaze upon the wonders of the city. The city that never sleeps they say. They are right. So hours pass and by 7 pm, we have gone in and out of the apartment several times. Still chilling though. So as we come from the corner store drinking 50 cent sodas, (smile). We bump into this guy that I think I know. It turns out I do know him, we went to Junior High together. Small world. It turns out him and a couple of neighborhood kids want to go to “Night Pool” they call it. They wanted to know if we would like to go. (night pool is just basically sneaking into the public pool, at night). So the famous public pool to go to out here in the Bronx is Roberto Clemente State Park pool. Nothing spectacular though. But it cools a hot summer night. And besides what else do we have to do?

Hmmm, so I forgot to tell you about the guy that I went to Junior High with. His name is Jack. Go figure, huh? Anyways it turns out he owns one of the corners on my aunts block. So I think to myself, wow, I got out of Junior High at fourteen years old and here I am at eighteen, four years later and even though it’s not a big accomplishment, one of my school mates owns a city block … OWNS. In the city that is a big deal, it is equal to being a CEO of some sort. So I take a look at myself and think, what the hell am I doing with myself? Surely, not owning anything at all.



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