Untrue Heart

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For one to examine another’s heart for truth is an exercise in futility and without merit. It is the emotions of the heart that drives people insane for the heart is untrue and uses emotion to plead its case. This is the main reason that Religion has been untrue to its followers.

It is found in romance, prayers, and scripture and used as a device to control one’s thoughts. Truth can be found easily with using our brain to the best of our ability for there lies truth.

Where romance empowers a person to reason through their heart rather than their brain can result in defeat and despair. Reason with your brain in all matters especially with romance. Even a brain still in puberty can bring truth to the surface of their thoughts.

The faith a person has is but wishful thinking and bears little truth. It was said once by a child that faith, is believing in something we know for sure is not true. Faith, love and emotion are skillfully used throughout every system we have. Better to follow our own thoughts with reason than to trust in anything based on emotion and a warm heart.

How many times are we faced with people telling us the misfortunes of children in third-world countries? They say with crying child in their arms that a contribution of an amount of money each month will restore a smile to this child’s face. The sickness of under privileged children will bring a tear to most people’s eyes, but what you are seeing is not truth. It is the needs of some group that lives off the contributions of others. They are religions, governments’ social programs and they are stealing from people that don’t know where truth lays.

Our world with its present way of government will never see the end of poverty for poverty is the food of these organizations. They know how the mind works and they use this knowledge for their benefit. Health care systems and pharmaceutical companies are using the power of the heart to raise money for their pockets. There are incidents where the cure has been found and an illness made to supplement and flatter the cure. Well my point is made and the number of times our heart has let us down is many.


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