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Urban Dictionary: yolo

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It is an abbreviation for – you only live once. That saying is much like the sayings Seize the day and / or – enjoy it while you can. Most people very often make use of these sentences to encourage their own friends and family to take challenges or take steps they in general couldn't do

The saying is really a mantra for many people for many years, although the abbreviated form, YOLO, has became popular because the publishing of the song The Motto by Drake.

Quite often, however, the phrase was blown out from the proportion and teens excessively use it to label images and statuses on Fb as it's stylish.

YOLO is a symbol of You Only Live Once in songs or You Obviously Lack Originality particularly when utilized in online world. It'll have several interpretation dependent on situation in which it's implemented. Many of us use it on tweets, Fb, or Social networking sites to indicate that we have to live every day and of course if we pass away we do not go back to life over again therefore we need to live our own lives to the maximum.

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