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The Value of a Life

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If you knew the truth about an innocent man on death row, would you keep your mouth shut and allow him to wrongly be put to death based on others opinions or fight to save his life?

If you don’t know the answer to this question then I suggest you don’t continue reading until you figure it out. Is it judgmental to want to save an innocent life, to go against the majority? Is it intrusive to defend the innocent when the lives of those who were affected by his life believe he deserves to die and their lives will benefit from it? I guess it depends on which side of the fence you’re standing on and the way you choose to look at things. From my perspective, the fight for his life is necessary. He’s an innocent soul who has done nothing to deserve the death penalty he faces. From the perspective of others, this is not my business and something I should stay out of. I should let the cards lie where they fall. I’m not the person involved, therefore, I have no say on the matter. Right?
The truth of the matter is I’m not judging those who choose to put him to death, I’m not standing in their shoes and I don’t see things the same way that they do. I’m just being a voice for the innocent person who hasn’t been given a voice. In case you haven’t realized it by reading this far, I’m pro-life. Some call me an extremist because I’m vocal about the souls I want to save. A simple Pro-life bumper sticker on my car and the volunteering of my support to Thrive St. Louis has caused tremendous fury among others who consider themselves pro-choice. I have been honked at, flipped off, yelled at, cursed at and had signs held up from passengers in other cars that read, “My Body, My Choice” and usually some sort of expletive added in. Does that change my opinion? Absolutely not! If anything, it makes me more aware of the dangers that these innocent souls face. My newest bumper sticker reads, “Your Baby’s body and life are not your own, even in the womb. Keep your choices to yourself”. I’m outnumbered, 3,000 children, 3,000 souls are being put to death every day and there’s very little being said or done to save them, but my hope is that my words will mean something someday to a Mom who is considering abortion. I won’t be looked at as someone who is being judgmental, but as someone who is trying to help. While the government is urged by the public to stay out of these matters and not declare a baby a life until birth, I can’t help but wonder why those who are convicted of murdering a pregnant woman are convicted of two deaths instead of one? I can’t help but wonder why surgeries are performed on a child in the womb and funerals are held for those who suffer the unimaginably painful loss of a child in the womb if this isn’t a child? If this isn’t a child then why are we getting worked up over a bunch of tissue (as my doctor called my baby who passed away at nine weeks gestation-a baby I saw moving around and watched & listened to the little heart beating)? And why doesn’t a child who is not deemed “perfect” in the womb deserve a life outside of the womb? Is it a selfish decision that we make for ourselves so we don’t have to suffer raising an “imperfect” child? I’m honestly confused why this is anyone’s decision to make except Gods?
The argument of “look at all the starving, homeless, parentless children already” is a valid argument and an equally important issue that definitely needs attention, but not a firm platform to stand on when arguing pro-choice. Erasing a child from existence, killing an innocent soul, is not an answer to solving one problem, but instead creating two equally disturbing problems.
My opinions on this issue I wouldn’t directly attribute to my Christian upbringing, although it plays a role, it is not solely the heart and soul behind my feelings. There are many contributing factors of why I’m pro-life, yet I understand why many remain silent on the issue because of the stigmas attached to the title. It’s not about flaunting my beliefs, it’s not about showing off my Christianity, it’s not about judging the decisions of others. It’s only about trying to save an innocent life.


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