Wake up, America!

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When are we going to wake up? What is it going to take to prove to the American people that Obama is NOT the one? Now, before you think about writing in bashing my comments, continue reading through to the end.

Personally, I do not care if our President is male or female, black or white or orange with psychedelic polka dots. What I do care about is that the candidate genuinely cares about the American people. Now, I don’t want you to mistake “care” with putting someone else’s needs before your own. In fact, care doesn’t have to be 100 percent. No matter who you are or what your goal, there is always a level of personal satisfaction or gratification in the mix. What matters is that the candidate is genuine—even when he or she may have their own agendas—and that they are patriotic to a T!

Think about patriotism for a minute. Can you imagine someone running this country when he/she does not believe in the principles that founded our nation? When he/she does not support our beliefs? When he/she refuses to salute our flag or stand for our national anthem? Well, people, if you vote for Obama that is exactly what you will be accepting.

I am not pushing a particular candidate in this report, but I am urging you to think hard before you cast your vote.  

Consider the following report, released August 6, 20008 at 6:00 a.m.:

Obama receives illegal funds from “terrorist hotbed”  (the Federal Election Commission report is available here)

Do your own research. To get you started:

Obama “flip-flops” on energy policy

Where does Obama stand on rap lyrics?

Pentagon advisor: Obama “snubs” wounded soldiers

Who dealt “race card in presidential campaign?

Obama radio ad targets Focus on the Family

Other candidates have their fair share of faults. I am not arguing that fact. What I am saying is that there are tons of red flags in Obama. Don’t wait until it is too late to open your eyes.


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