Warning Signs, Red Flags, Gut Instincts, and Intuition

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Warning signs or “red flags” prevail long before the push, shove, grabbing, punch, or assault, unless one is simply ambushed. We have to learn and teach our family and friends how to “Detect to Avoid.”

I open and welcome discussion to all about power and control, you never know who is hurting behind closed doors (mentally, emotionally, or physically) there are many aspects of abuse.

We are most at ease when we are familiar with the surroundings that we are in. This includes family, friends, living environments, employment situations, and things that are part of our daily routine. When something or someone visibly threatens any of these things we react accordingly. But how do we react when things are not what they seem or when we can’t see that things are not how they seem? Usually we become reactive to the situation and become defensive, because there is no way for us to be proactive to situations that are out of our sight, out of our thoughts, and sometimes out of our control.

Life is like that because every person has their own agenda and reason for doing the things that they do. It is not necessary for us to worry about everything that is on someone else’s mind, but we do need to be aware of how a person’s plans, ideas, or agenda will affect our life.

Stories like “The Garden of Eden” and “The Trojan Horse” are perfect examples, whether we choose to believe them or not, because the enemy came as friends offering some sort of “gift.” These “gifts” caught everyone involved off guard, except the ones with the ulterior motives, because the “gift” was accepted as a kind gesture.

Every “gift” that we receive is not given to us to harm us, but we need to pay attention to the sincerity and honesty that is included with the gifts we receive. An apple is not good for us if it will ruin our life in the future, and a wooden horse is not a good gift when it is left on our doorstep for us to open the door for an ambush.

We must take the time to be aware of the people, places, and things that make up our surroundings so that we can live our lives accordingly without very many “Trojan Horses” and “Forbidden Fruits.”

Look both ways before you cross the street.


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