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Ways to Remember How to Say NO to Plastic Bags

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In other parts of the world, alternatives are being used as replacements for plastic bags; for many others, plastic bags are still the way we bring home the stuff we bought in the mall or grocery store.

However, in line with a more aggressive green movement today, thankfully, Asia is in on the green game too.

The most common problems cited for ‘accidentally’ using the plastic bags provided by shopping malls and retail outlets today is this: ‘I forgot to bring my reusable shopping bag’. But here are some ways to stop forgetting.

1. Get loads of shopping bags. They’re cheap, really. Most malls sell them quite cheap so, there’s really no issue of cost because you are going to be using and reusing them over and over again. Just keep them clean by washing them occasionally with soap and water.

2. Place the bags in very obviously accessible places like the car (because you are going to need the car to go shopping, right?), your handbag and also in your kids’ bags … just in case. Hence, when you go shopping, just grab them and go!

3. Team up with your friends and family members so that you remind each other about bringing along your shopping bags before heading out. A simple phone call or an SMS sent to each other to remind each other about bringing out the shopping bags would do. An SMS to save Mother Earth does not sound like too much to ask, does it?

4. Place a note on the fridge because most of the time, before we go out grocery shopping, we tend to head over to the fridge to check to see if we were running out of things and need a restock. 

5. Paste a note behind your front door about being green and bringing your green shopping bag out.

It is indeed very sad to see that some people prefer to leave the “saving Earth” effort to others, thinking that if they faltered, someone else would make up for it. It’s only five plastic bags, it won’t make much of a difference, you say?

Well, the truth is if 1,000 people forgot to bring their shopping bags out today, that would make 5,000 plastic bags. In a week, that will turn into 35,000 plastic bags.

Think about it.


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