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We the People!

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How often is it that people set aside their own ideology/philosophy for what’s in the best interest of others? People like to address their own thinking—express their own views and implement their own agenda. Should we expect less of the candidates that run for office?

Republicans and Democrats have opposing ideologies, the direction they desire to take the country in. When a new President takes office, or the Congress or House wins the most votes, a new philosophy is implemented, and we the people, like pawns in a chess game, are taken in the direction of someone else’s ideology. We become observers and watchers of how the game is played, and who wins and who loses. We watch the chess game.

We complain every now and then about how the game is being played and voice our opinion regarding what we think needs to change. However the game continues until we vote someone else in with a better ideology, and then a new game begins.

So, I have to ask—is the chess game about the people? Does it even have the best interest of the people in mind? Or are the players of the game the ones running the show? Chess games are being played all over the world in the form of international affairs. However, we the people don’t play a part in the game. We are basically watchers and observers of the game, and as we watch we voice our opinion. In the privacy of our homes we come together and complain about what’s happening and how we think things should be done. Once again, do we the people get our point across?

Does it really matter anymore what we think? Did it ever matter? Or were we presented with the illusion that it mattered?

There are revolutions—people that stand up for a cause and it gets recognized—so some things are worthy causes, and I suppose that’s what it takes for we the people to be more than watchers and observers. What do you think?

There are so many people in this world that like to be lead—they like being followers—that way no thinking has to take place, they don’t have to be responsible or accountable for their actions. They don’t even have to act. The revolutions get started by people that don’t fit into that category. They try to put dents in the system and the impact does make some noise, and change does occur on some level. But, the big picture is still what it is.

I like being creative—to be who I am, the inner me! I like making a difference—creating my own arena and expressing who I am in it, and as a result, affecting all people in a positive manner! My hope is for all people to be able to affect each other in ways that promote who we are spiritually! That’s the type of government that would be ideal: where we the people are the agenda and what’s in our best interest is what’s implemented! I don’t think the parties have that philosophy on their agenda. 


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