We Will Remember Them

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One more year and another Remembrance Day has passed. In many countries, communities gathered to respect the injured and dead as a result of armed conflict. In the United Kingdom, under the auspices of the Royal British Legion, small red poppies are worn, purchased from collectors for a contribution, no matter how large or small, and worn to show solidarity with the national tribute.

The poppy symbolizes the fields of Flanders, where during the First World War, they grew in profusion amongst the carnage and destruction of trench warfare. Despite considered at the time to be the war to end all wars, today the inhumanity of military belligerence continues, and the loss of life and human suffering goes unabated.

Whether or not this act influences public perception is a matter for history, yet I know of many inside and outside Britain, who wish for a similar token of their feelings, and whilst sparing two minutes of contemplative silence at the appropriate hour, day, and month, do not display any outward mark of their appreciation for the sacrifices made to ensure their freedom from tyranny.

As the current involvement of NATO and allied forces has taken our troops into the vast poppy fields of another continent, should not this symbol now become international, and there be similar availability of this simple badge, made and sold in support of Service Charities across the globe?


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