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What Are Step Down Transformers?

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A transformer whose primary voltage is superior to secondary voltage is referred as step down transformer. The purpose of designing this transformer is to reduce the voltage from primary winding to secondary winding and the reducing of electric power is the main function of the apparatus. These transformers are very simple and very important to use. A step down transformer changes the electrical current from a higher level to a lower level. It’s a device with only one winding of fire placed near to one or more windings which is used to couple two or more alternating-current (AC) circuits together by employing the induction among the windings. The winding linked to the power sources is known as primary winding, and the other is recognized as secondary winding. If the secondary voltage wire is less than the primary wire, the transformer is called a step down transformer. The product of the current voltage is regular in every set of windings, so that in step up transformer the voltage augments in the secondary go together with by the parallel decrease in the electricity. These transformers come in various varieties and huge transformers are normally used in electrical power system and also in small units. When it comes to industrial and residential power transformers, they often perform at a frequency of single phase or three phases that are shaped to take care of high voltage and other currents.

These transformers have been used in electric area for a long time and the step down transformers are the commonest among all. This transformer can work by lowering the current of the electrical power from the power station. The main difference between step up and step down transformer is that in step up, by having high voltage, the electrical power will be simply flowed over the cable to other areas. But if you minimize the current the others will work with raising the current. These transformers are produced to reduce the voltage and resistance of transformation either in whole numbers or fractions. These transformers are efficient and they waste as little power as possible in the form of heat during transformation. This transformer is 99 percent efficient which is achieved by using steel alloys to couple the induced magnetic fields between primary and secondary windings. The main purpose of this transformer is to increase transformer efficiency by wasting less amount of heat by choosing metal type of windings. You can find these transformers in small and huge sizes but whatever size you buy in them, they all perform the same function. With use of these transformers, voltage for any application can be transformed, be it a simple hair dryer, or large power grinds which are used all over the country.

Always remember when that you should never play with a transformer because the electricity from transformer is dangerous and it can kill anyone. However, if you are planning to buy a transformer always make sure that you purchase it from a well-known and experienced manufacturer as it will ensure good quality and safety.


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