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I work at four schools in Delaware and six in Pennsylvania and I see a lot of food go to waste in the cafeteria. The food is good enough for human consumption. I should know I eat it at least three days a week for $3 a day. It hurts me to think that people are actually going hungry with all the excess that we have today. Some kids get their lunch and put it right in the trash, and I know by law they have to take it even if they don't want it. Babies are dying not only in these two neighboring states, but all over, and schools throw out hundreds of bottles of unopened milk a day.

So why can't we pair with the food bank or local homeless shelters to give away some of this food? Or we could not order or make so much excess food and take that money to help someone else eat. Kids could take only what they will eat as oppose to taking the full lunch. We could set up an extra refrigerator and have the kids put in it anything that they don't want that has not been opened. Kids recycle in school, and I'm sure they would love to help the hungry. We could also pack up leftover food and send it home with kids who want it, or save it for snack time in the afternoon when the kids are hungry again.

I posed the question to several people within the schools and they didn't know the answer. One principal thought it was a good idea and that he too hated to see food wasted every day. I was told by one person is that it was government money; therefore we had to throw away what we don't use. I sort of figured that was the answer, even though it still does not make sense. Is this the same government that doesn’t have money for public programs, but waste money on frivolous things like parties and campaigns? Who do I need to contact on this issue, the Governor or the President? Maybe Mrs. Obama will view this differently since she is concerned with the welfare of our American kids.


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