What Going to Kenya With Means to Me

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Ever since I started my online journey eight years ago I have always wanted to help other mothers in any way I can from sharing blogging advice to setting up paid campaigns for bloggers to recommending bloggers to brands that aren’t a great fit for me. My greatest intention has always been to help. That’s why I couldn’t have been happier to partner with earlier this year as a part of the One Mom Advisory Council. Now I am able to help mothers on a global scale. This is unbelievable.

If you haven’t heard about ONE it is an advocacy organization that was co-founded by Bono, Bob Geldoff and others and seeks to eradicate extreme poverty and preventable disease in Africa. What I find most compelling about ONE is they don’t want your money; the simply want your voice.

ONE has over two million members who advocate on behalf of the word’s poor. ONE does extraordinary work and has for years from working on maternal and child health and education to HIV/AIDS and agriculture. What’s so compelling to me about ONE’s work is they believe in sharing the improvements people who live in extreme poverty are experiencing through their Living Proof series. It shows the world that the aid (less than 1 percent of the US budget) that is going to Africa is actually working. Now, as a member of the ONE Mom Advisory Council I will be headed to Kenya in July to see for myself how US Aid is working for African communities in need.

I, along with other members of the ONE Mom Advisory Council, will be reporting from the ground about our discoveries in Kenya. We will be reporting live in some instances, tweeting, and posting on our blogs as well as on the One Moms page. This team of moms is so different that our coverage will be unique in scope but very comprehensive in nature.



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