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What I Heard: Politics Almost Made Me Vomit

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I chose to not vote this election season. Yes, I feel guilty for not doing my civic duty, however, since I am a civil servant and an army wife, I’m pretty sure I am doing my part.

I didn’t vote mostly because I don’t like any of the candidates, and I am tired of the same bullshit. I am striking against the people who have been in office for too long/the wrong reasons, and ruining our country. The country that my husband has put his life on the line twice to defend, and I am mad as hell that people who don’t have the courage to serve, feel that they have the right to screw it up. I am an Independent, so I don’t vote down party lines. I tend to vote for the candidate who presents the best ideas and who doesn’t completely skeeve me out. My views are definitely more on the liberal side, however, because I am closely affiliated with the Army, I believe in a strong defense system.

I hate when people bash the president for all of our problems. Do you realize that the president is our Mick Jagger? He/she/it is the front man of the group, but the music can’t be made with one singer. The president is no more than the Great and Powerful Oz. The man behind the curtain is the one we need to watch more carefully: the House and the Senate are responsible for making the decisions that govern our country. The president is extremely limited in what power he has. Our forefathers set it up this way, so that we couldn’t have a dictator. So all of the things that happened to this country in the past ten years, did not happen because of George W. Sorry, folks. I don’t deny that 9/11 was the scapegoat for the oil mongers wanting war. But the bottom line is that Saddam Hussein should have been eliminated when he was committing genocide against his own people … as a humanitarian mission. People saving other people are not enough motivation to start a war, so they waited until there was a good reason. Watch the movie Wag the Dog and you will get my point.

Osama Bin Laden should’ve been taken out when Clinton was president but we are to blame for that because we distracted him with the whole impeachment business because he was being Slick Willy. Maybe if he wasn’t trying to preserve his legacy from being destroyed because he got a bj, he would’ve been able to focus on the briefings. I’m sure the hanky-panky wasn’t going on during these meetings. Internationally, Clinton wasn’t seen in a negative light. The American public looked less evolved, hysterical, and immature to the rest of the world.

Bush was a moron. I give you that. But he didn’t destroy the economy. That was us being greedy and buying things we didn’t have money to pay for. It was a giant pyramid system, and we all got caught up in the bubble. The worst thing that we did was bail out the banks. I was completely against that, but there was support from both sides of the aisle because their own back pockets were being fed. I don’t think we can trust the large percentage of politicians unless we find a way to ban them from taking money from special interest groups, and setting limits on terms so that the same dynasty is not allowed to run the country.

Thank God that Christine O’Donnell was not elected. I consider myself a Christian, but this Tea Party is the Christian equivalent of radical Islamists. Whenever you have party factions that lean too heavily to one side or the other, you are opening a divide instead of uniting a country. I hope that we can become more of a free-thinking, coexisting America that can work together instead of finding more divides. The reason for a separation of church and state is that religion should not play a part in politics because it is an inflammatory issue and has been since its inception. You can’t choose one religion for the entire country to abide by. At the same token, the freedom of religion should not be limited by this very rule. To each his/her own …

I don’t like some of the things that Obama has done. I think he needs to put together a better health plan. But I think we need a health plan. It’s not for us now, but for us when we are old and not working. It’s for if you end up with cancer and your health insurance doesn’t cover your treatments. Instead of being distracted by his color and saying he’s the Antichrist, why don’t we give the man some credit that he is at least trying to do what he said he would before he was elected, and see if we can’t work together on the details to make it work. Let’s not make business, personal. We would get so much more accomplished that way. How about setting rules that if there is a lame-duck session, then our politicians get their pay lowered for wasting our money and getting nothing done? How about we vote on their pay raises as propositions on the ballot? Let’s change the rules and see if we can’t start getting people to come together to find a better way to be a country, and get ourselves back to the superpower we once were and not this nightmare we’ve become.



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