What I Think of the First One Hundred Days of President Obama

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Everyone is talking about the first one hundred days of the president. Well as far as I am concerned, he is doing the best he can. After all, he inherited this mess, he didn’t make it. I think he is trying to please everyone and keep the peace. But if those banks were to lend the money where it’s most needed, we would soon be a little better off. To me it seems logical to help the people in foreclosure by letting them stay in the houses if only to rent them that way the property would be kept, and people wouldn’t be on the street, and the bank would get more money. People would be in homes. I see empty houses going to seed, so to speak; that’s stupid. The banks should be held accountable, not only to the houses but every cent they borrow from the government. I hear people say, “But these people borrowed money they couldn’t afford.” It takes two; the banks say okay to the borrower, the borrower accept the loan. It’s too late for the blame game. It’s done; let’s clean it up, not punish them; the banks weren’t punished. As a matter of fact they got bailed out.

Education is one of the most important issues next to health. If, or should I say when, they lay off all those teachers, who’s gonna teach the children who are so far behind in education it’s a shame. They might as well close down the space ships whose going to  drive them? Students can’t finish college due to money shortage.

They can’t learn without any teachers. Can’t fight disease without any doctors. These are the most important issues. Charity begins at home, we need to fix our land and let those in other countries fix theirs. How can I tell you how to run your home and when I can’t run mine? We are so busy criticizing each other instead of helping each other. How does it look for our people to be wishing the president would fail, are you nuts? If he fails we fail. We should lay aside our personal differences and help him to create jobs. It takes money to get back on our feet, lend to the laborers, and companies to keep them from closing down. I applaud the president for stopping all those vacations at the tax payers’ expense. I applaud those in management who decreased their salaries rather than lay people off. Cut hours not jobs, at least until we get out of this mess.


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