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When I Went Away for the Storm

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My hometown is New Orleans, LA, where I was born. Yes, I would love to go back to my hometown. I’ve never been through a hurricane before. I now reside in Florida, a place I don’t want to live. The storm I went through was nothing like Katrina. I’ve always heard talk about the storms, and how depressing they leave a person’s life. I never knew we had that many people in Louisiana. We left about 2:15 a.m. on August 28, 2005. My family was headed for Pensacola, FL. However, as my son awaited on the highway to meet us, we didn’t get to Pensacola until about 9:00 that night. I never dreamed that I would see a whole city under water. I thought I was going to die … We had no gas, no water, and no food. We had just enough clothes to wear as to going on a camping trip. I thank God that my family and I are alive. My sons lost their fathers due to the storm; three days later, one had a heart attack. God bless those who aren’t with us at this time and moment. My plans are to rebuild my life all over again. Florida is wonderful to visited but not to live, and this is one place I wouldn’t live. I just want to go home. I don’t like Pensacola because it’s much different than Louisiana. To tell the truth, we really have nowhere to run that is safe. We all are in one big boat that’s about to sink. My choice is I’ll never live in Pensacola. There were so many people that didn’t make it through the storm. There were dead bodies flooding all through the dirty waters. There were rats and dogs flowing through water. People were stealing water, food, and milk for the babies, and children were being raped by grown men. Children under the age of three to eight. Children were displace and family members were looking for them. My God, how sad to see this day come to an end. My family member had to help his family swim through the dirty waters. We saw people riding on air beds and bed mats. To be honest, I look at life this way: we only have six months to live without worries about hurricane season. But then, we have, on the other hand, six months of suffering and pain and losing loved ones. I read the Bible and it stated that we would have wars and more wars. We would have earthquakes, mudslides, and flood waters. It also, stated there will be no cure for AIDS, which is sweeping nation after nation. Church people will leave God, and the sun and moon and stars will take over the earth. How could we live this life we all will be left with? How many must die before we see a better day? I sometimes wonder if we all will make it through the next lifetime. How can we just keep building our lives over and over again, time after time? Will things ever get better? Will life itself ever change? Who’s to blame? God! Let nature take its cost. All we can do is pray and thank God that we made it through another blessed day. I tell people all the time that God is walking the earth … We are about to begin a new life, and era. We either walk with God or walk with the devil. It’s a battle that only God can handle it’s in his hands. To me, my whole life has changed in a blink of an eye. I don’t know what to do any more. I’m so afraid of what’s going to happen in the next few weeks. Where do I go from here? If a hurricane hits Pensacola, where will we go? What city can I run to next? Why must we go through this? There so many misplaced people that can’t be accounted for and loved ones have flooded down the rivers and oceans. I never thought that water could be so powerful. All the homes and lives that were demolished from the earth. People aren’t helping as much as they should. This is why things happen to people, because we don’t show enough love. Love plays a big part in our lives. We have a few that will give a helping hand. The real truth is where do we go from here if another storm hits any of our cities.


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