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Where Did You Get Your License?

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Have you ever been driving down the road all “happy-go-lucky” and then out of nowhere, someone decides to turn into your lane without putting on his or her blinker light thing-y, or even acknowledging that there is someone there. And to top it off, if you honk at them, they flick you off … and don’t you just feel like having superpowers to pick up their car and shake it until they apologize? Maybe it is just me, but I would feel better about it.

Anyway, I know it makes us wonder “Where in the world did they get their license?” So since there are so many things people do when they drive that you would be shocked, I decided to write about my top five pet peeves of driving and I know a lot will agree with me … or maybe not. Here it goes:

 1. Turning into a lane without putting blinkers on.
Is it too hard to put that turning blinker on? All you do is push this little button or whatever and then “TAAADAAAA!” There you have it: your light starts letting drivers know that you are turning into their lane. And the majority of the time, other drivers are courteous enough to slow down so that you may turn in the lane. Unless you’re turning into the lane in front of a maniac who will speed up…

 2. Slowing down when you are on the phone.
You’re not supposed to be on the phone but hey, let’s admit that we all do it. But why in the world would you slow down? Honestly, if you can not drive normally when you are on the phone, then I have an idea … HANG UP. Seriously. It is beyond annoying that people on their phones slow down traffic. And if you do not know that what you’re doing is causing traffic, then look at the people that pass you. I am pretty sure they are yelling at you through their car, thinking you can hear them.

 3. Flicking people off or trying to side-swipe.
I think it is funny that people tend to forget that they have their business information all on their car. Not too long ago, this guy was aggressively turning into my lane and almost side-swiped my car, while I honked at him because he would not stop. All of a sudden, he stuck his big, fat, middle finger at me. The funny thing was that, in big, bold letters on his car, he had “NEED A LIFE COACH?” (Nice, huh?! I don’t think anyone would want him as a life coach) and all his contact information was on display: his cell phone, office phone, even email. Ahhh! Wouldn’t it have been nice for me to call him and just tell him off? Yeah, I wish I did, but I am too much of a lady.

 4. Tailgating and putting on highlights.
Ok, this is dangerous on its own. You don’t know how many times I have seen a car get so close to the car in front of them to intimidate them. And how many times I have seen the car turn into the next lane just to get behind that car and do the same and sometimes even chase them. I have been guilty of slowing down my car when a car puts their highlights on me or gets really close. I try not to do it anymore because this one car did it back to me when I was on the loop and I almost crashed.

5.  Racing.
Ok, I drive a little Nissan Versa, and there have been so many times when a big, huge Tonka truck will get next to me and try to race. I look at them like “ARE YOU KIDDING ME??” It’s dumb and dangerous. What in the world will that prove? That you can beat a Nissan Versa? Wow! Great job; now you can get hired by NASCAR.


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