Who Are They Polling?

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Have you ever gotten a call and been asked who are you voting for? In this day and age of caller-id, who is actually answering their phone if they see a number they do not recognize or, God forbid, “unknown” show up on their caller-id box? Are polltakers real people? I have asked everyone I know and no one has ever gotten a call about his or her opinion on this election or anything else!

I checked out the Gallap Poll Web site and the list of “trends” they have polled. When I saw the list, I decided I would help out by calling and giving the names and numbers of several hundred individuals who need to be polled. Demos, Repubs, and Indies alike. All, who would love to tell the world what they are thinking about this never-ending election.

After getting a real live “poller” on the phone, I found it ironic that the very questions they claim to ask others, she seemed to not want to answer them for me. I offered her the numbers of my friends to call. And to be fair and balanced, I included a few customers’ (who have not paid their bills) work, home, and cell numbers as well. The Gallap Poll office called me back and said, “Thanks but no thanks.” I told them that I am not in Alaska but I live in Tennessee, a red state with influential people who need to be included in their polling data.

Since I had the Gallap Poll people on the phone, I asked them a few burning polling questions that Americans are dying to know. What Walmart store allowed them on site to interview their customers? As elusive and media shy as the folks at Bentonville can be, I cannot believe they are giving the media as much access to the Walmart moms as being claimed. Another burning question that seems to pop up at my dinner table nightly—what rural areas of the country are the Gallap folks traveling to get the answers from the blue-collar workers? I live in Tennessee and I was born and raised in Mississippi in a two-red-light town and I think I am an expert on rural communities. As a matter of fact, we called it living in the country. My friends, I know country.

No one in Tennessee or Mississippi has seen a media truck or Gallap poll worker standing outside homes or businesses waiting to ask a question about this election. As matter of fact, we call those people lost Northerners asking to be shot!

Needless to say, the poller for the Gallap Poll did not want to be polled. But if you are curious about the questions that are supposedly asking Americans who do not answer their phones, I have provided a list for you.

Election Trends by Group:

  • Overall Candidate Support
  • Candidate Support by Gender
  • Candidate Support by Gender Among Whites
  • Candidate Support by Age
  • Candidate Support by Region
  • Candidate Support by Education
  • Candidate Support by Education Among Whites
  • Candidate Support by Political Party
  • Candidate Support by Political Party Among Whites
  • Candidate Support by Political Party and Ideology
  • Candidate Support by Political Party and Ideology Among Whites
  • Candidate Support by Church Attendance Among Whites
  • Candidate Support by Marital Status
  • Candidate Support by Marital Status and Gender
  • Candidate Support by “Red,” “Purple,” and “Blue” States

No one wants to know my opinion on anything. So if you get a call from the people up North who works for the Gallap Poll office, please record the call. In the meantime, I am headed to Target.

For more information on polls and polling data got to www.gallap.com.



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