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To Whom it Concerns

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Dear One Upper, 

Hello, how are you? I would tell you how I am, but (chances are) it really wouldn’t matter.  

You see, One Upper, you have a tendency to demean others’ feelings, experiences, and general existences. Maybe you don’t mean to do it. Maybe you want people to know you understand their pain. Maybe you want to join the ranks of generally yucky daily life, because occasionally misery really does love company. Or maybe (just maybe) you simply are as wretched as you seem, and you really do want to belittle people who reach out to share their thoughts and opinions. 

You are hurtful. I submit to you a challenge. Rather than dissecting and degrading the individual thought process of every piece of writing you encounter, perhaps you could remind yourself of the adage: “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Take it like a twelve-stepper, if necessary. Maybe you’ll criticize tomorrow. Maybe you’ll criticize in a few hours. But right now … right now … fight the urge. 

For the sanity of those who write for sanity, place your soapbox on the sacrificial stone, and try to allow others their own reflection. 

Thanks for your time. 



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