Why I Hate Facebook

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There, I said it. I hate Facebook. Why? Because it's just an endless high school reunion that only the cool kids attend.
I am, and was never, a cool kid. Oh, I hung around with the cool kids, just on the fringes, because I didn't live in the right part of town. I was never quite pretty enough, nor accomplished enough, to actually be a part of the cool kids clique.

But if you look at my homepage on Facebook, it might seem like the cool kids like me now. My friends number in the hundreds, and most of my high school class have "friended" me. It would seem like, at the ripe old age of 52, that I've finally made it into their inner circle.

But, actually, I don't fit in. I don't have a great job, or lots of money, or beautiful children who give me beautiful grandchildren. Now, I do have a 13 year old son, who is the most compassionate, kind child in the world. He's even handsome, having done acting in his younger days.

And then, of course, there's my disability. No one really understands chronic pain unless you have it. I posted a comment on Facebook, just the other day. In it, I asked people who did not know what RSD was, to google it, and then see why my life is a living hell. I got no replies, or even a "thumbs up" for the post. But right after it, one of my friends from high school posted a picture of her daughter and her friends at a spa, "pre-wedding". It got over 15 thumbs up and numerous replies.

So, you see how this works? You get to witness your friends at work, at play, on vacation and just being their incredible selves. It's just like a high school reunion, isn't it? The only ones who go to a high school reunion are those who've accomplished a lot in their lives and want to show it off. I went to one high school reunion, my 10th. I was 28, a flight nurse, and trimmed and toned from hitting the gym 6 days a week. Yes, I wanted to show off. But I was deflated by those there because I wasn't yet married with kids. Apparently that trumps saving lives for a living.

I have to admit I've hooked up with some people I'd lost along the way. And I can read about my niece's life, since my brother disowned me 10 years ago. I can read up on what's happening with my favorite band, The Moody Blues, and see the Obama bashing first hand. But the rest, it's just the babbling of those who think their lives are so great that they have to post just about anything except their bathroom rituals.

I've pondered about just deleting Facebook from my web browser, but every time and again, I visit the page and see things that are interesting or funny. It's through Facebook that I learned that a good friend from my old lupus forum had died. It was nice to be able to pay my respects via social media. And I'm hooked on Godvine videos. They are uplifting and sometimes funny, but mostly inspirational.

If only Facebook had a way of just blocking out those ridiculously mundane posts, about visiting a spa, or going to the shore. If I read one more story about how wonderful my beautiful children are, I will scream.

Yes, Facebook is the high school reunion site of the internet. If you were part of the cool group, you'll definitely fit in on Facebook. But if you were on the fringe, or far, far away from the cool kids, then you'll find Facebook a big waste of time.

I was proud that I only spent a grand total of 5 minutes browsing Facebook today. I only wasted 30.000 seconds today. Oh, but take away the "lil Bub" website. That was really a fun 2 minutes!

So now, I'll finish this article, and opt for it to be published to Facebook.


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