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Why Martha Stewart Is Still My Hero

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It sounds strange hearing the phrase out loud, but, Martha Stewart is still my hero. While I would not want to emulate her career (specifically spending five months in federal prison); I respect and admire her work ethic and her ability to execute the “perfect presentation.” She has been my domestic role-model since I was fifteen. It was then that I began wearing pearls and sweater sets to all holiday events. I also began becoming more bold with my appetizer dishes, and when I was twenty-five, I hosted my first holiday party. (You would have been proud Martha, the turkey was moist and my desserts did not burn!)

The controversy in choosing Martha as a homemaking guru is based upon two facts. 1) Ms. Stewart lied to investigators regarding stock sales and ultimately gained the label “convict.” 2) According to numerous accounts, Martha was never emotionally connected to those who made up her own home (ex-husband and daughter). So how is it that someone so inept at securing their own peaceful and secured home life, can so masterfully create a visually impeccable household? My only sound conclusion is that Martha can demonstrate any task remarkably well. When it involves presentation, Stewart is unmatched. Yet when human emotion and connection are involved, Martha is extremely out of her element. I state this with admiration, yet again, not with the motive to meticulously emulate my hero.

Martha may have difficulty reciprocating feelings, but I have the difficulty of feeling too much. I tend to become exceptionally sympathetic to anyone needing advice or an ear to listen. Given my record for being taken advantage of, I should be more like Martha (at times). Eyes on the prize, so that my bleeding-heart doesn’t drip all over the perfectly folded swan-shaped napkins.

Thus, I have decided to take Martha’s recipes, purchase her home decor items, and implement her household tips (a sunflower is a great bird-feeder). Yet, I have decided against devoting myself entirely to my career and will choose not to lie to any federal investigator regarding inside stock sales. My goal is balance. My heart will inevitably bleed at times, but I think I am able to cover it with band-aids. Ultimately, the beautiful home front tasks get accomplished, but primarily, the needs and desires of those I love also get the attention they so deserve.  So thank you Martha for giving me the tools to create a visual masterpiece. But more importantly, thank you for placing perspective on how I will maintain a sound (maybe not always picture perfect) household. 



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