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Why Obama Will Win in 2012

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It now seems that the 2012 election is in the bag for Obama as once again, Republican voters are rallying for a candidate that isn’t electable for president.

During the last election, John McCain was supported by Republican voters, but was a candidate everyone should have known didn’t stand a chance of getting elected. McCain’s so called attitude of crossing the political aisle to get things done signaled to many that he was unable to stand his ground on important issues. It meant that what he may get done would be so deluded in compromise that in the end, it would be meaningless. With McCain’s isle hopping political view, he proved to a majority of voters that as President, he would be totally ineffective in representing core Conservative values, demanded of a candidate in being elected to the White House.
This time around, Republicans are again, poised to elect a man who will not win against Barack Obama, because he is not electable as president due to his religious background. The fact that Romney has ties to the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints and is a devout Mormon, nixes all chances he ever had of being elected President.
While the LDS church struggles along even in today’s society for recognition as a legitimate religious organization, the tarnish of it being a cult remains and will ultimately be responsible for Romney losing the election in 2012.
Thus, all this support by Republican voters as seen in the latest polls for Romney indicate the willingness of Republican voters to choose a man into being nominated for their party who ultimately can’t win. What is going on now during the Primaries is many voters are selecting Romney because he seems to have their requirements in both policy and moral value, not to mention he seems to be more electable than the rest of his opponents. This however will not trickle down to his being able to garner enough votes to beat Obama in 2012. Romney will handily lose the election simply because most voters will not have the nerve to vote for a man connected with a religious organization deemed by many as a cult. 
The news over the past few years of sex with underage girls and multiple marriages within offshoot branches of the LDS church whether recognized by the church or not, further damages the Mormon Church’s image of being anything other than a questionable organization.
The Republican candidate most likely able to beat Obama in 2012 is Ron Paul, but his chances of even winning two states during the Primary are slim to none because he is out gunned by the charisma and star power of Romney and Gingrich. However, charisma and star power won’t get you elected alone.
Perhaps, the man most electable was Herman Cain, but past sexcapades ruined any chance of him getting any position better than White House Gardener.
Although Bill Clinton could run for President today and win by a landslide, even though his record of sexual affairs and encounters is no better than Herman Cain’s.
Unless things change drastically between now and the Republican National Convention, it appears that republicans will have to deal with another 4 years of the Obama Administration. As it is presently, Obama doesn’t even have to campaign to reclaim the White House. All he has to do is sit quietly and watch Republicans nominate a man who he knows he can beat easily. Obama could even refuse to participate in any debates at all and still win.
What Obama should be doing is going on the road, thanking all the Republican voters for re-electing him. 


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