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Why the World Is Dying

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The Earth is dead, we’ve overpopulated it because of the hippies and now we listen to their music that reminds of a mass birth era. From the sixties up until now the world population has tripled … What comes to your mind when you think about a solution? War? Is war the only solution for killing off our own human race? Obama thinks so, he’s sending more troopers to Iraq and Afghanistan to try and lower the world population and kill as many people as possible … he’s in it with Osama, hence the mere one letter difference in the name. They both want to lower the world population and since Osama has become America’s number one resource for killing whoever they want and blaming it on terrorism after implanting him in Afghanistan all those years ago the middle east has become a place where Obama will continue to round up troops until he has over twenty million of which he will then nuke the entire area where they are once and for all solving the overpopulation crisis.

Once he is done killing his own people China will negotiate with America to follow a similar procedure and host a 1 billion person draft in which all citizens of the 1 billion selected will involuntarily go fight in Afghanistan to fight terrorism. Upon arriving, Osama (a.k.a reaper of the souls) will be armed and ready with his nuke. Strapping it to himself he will run into the middle of all 1 billion people and spontaneously combust with it, resulting in a huge explosion and the death of 1 billion Chinese plus 1 Afghani butt-plug (our good friend Osama).

And this is my prediction of the future, this would be cool.


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