A World Without Trees

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Who loves trees? I know I do, they are all so beautiful to me and so much more unique and helpful to our world. So why do people allow the continuing process of deforestation? What is deforestation? Deforestation is the act of burning or logging down trees. This is an even bigger cause for concern for the few rainforests on our planet. The removing of trees without reforestation is devastating. Without reforestation, which is the act to restore the forest by replanting trees, biodiversity is dropping at a depressingly high rate. Even with the process of reforestation it takes many years to re-grow what was once there. Deforestation is wrong because it effects the population of animals causing many species to go extinct; it changes the climatic conditions and affects the people indigenous to the area. Hundreds of years old, these trees are being slaughtered for the convenience of mankind. Please feel free to excuse the hippie in me but, if a tree is a living thing, which does provide clean oxygen for the world, then doesn’t it have that same right to keep living? I imagine that it’s painful for something to die, including a tree.


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