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Yes We Can, Can’t We, Please?

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I am writing this piece in an effort to pull myself away from the television. I am trying hard not to check in and see how Barack, Michelle, and the girls are fairing today. After all, it’s January 21. They deserve a day off, don’t you think? I mean could you walk around in those green heels for all those hours and dance at ten balls without needing to simply wear a very soft slipper or maybe a sock for the entire next day? But, I can’t help it. I feel like I know them. I feel we’re friends and I just want to check in, make a quick call, send an email. I want them to know that if I could, I’d slip into the West Wing and leave a sweet note, a pot of soup, maybe a few flowers, (okay, perhaps a gift for the girls), and be on my way. That’s how thrilled I am to have them in charge of my country. I just want them to have what they need and while I know that there are people far better, smarter, more powerful than me that will provide for them, and a sweet, dear grandma living right in their new White House, I can’t help but worry that they’re going to get worn out, used up before their time. I already see it in the lines around the President’s eyes. He looks tired and worried and like he’s carrying the weight of our greedy world on his shoulders. It makes me want to tell him a funny story or insist that he take Sasha to the park or Michelle to the movies.

But just now, my husband exploded from the TV room. Yes it’s true, we have an entire room that revolves around the TV. Not a library or music room or even a den—we call as we see it—the TV room. It seems that Justice Roberts and our President did a “redo” on the oath of office. It seems the words were out of order during the official “televised for all the world to see” oath taken. It was obvious that Barack knew Justice Roberts was goofing on the order of those words, we could all see that, but he seemed to be trying not to make Justice Roberts look bad. Trying to be the polite and giving, trying not to grand-stand and take center stage while he was the one being sworn in as the leader of the free world. But no, we have to have a redo, just in case some one wants to make a big deal out of the word rearrangement. And as if that’s not enough. Now the television press is all pissy because they didn’t get to tape the whole thing again. For God sake, are we ever going to be able to really worry about the tasks at hand in this country? So, I must away. I have to have a look. I have to see his face, even if it’s in a still picture as he takes the oath of office one more time. I could watch a pencil sketch of this man taking the oath of office. That’s how much hope and “yes we can” I have in my heart.  


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