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Yoga Bolster: Bringing Perfect Boost to Your Body

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Yoga bolsters are now sensibly used in diversified yoga poses such as, but is not limited to, Bikram, Ananda, and Kripalu Yoga. It boosts the capacity of the body to provide restorative healing. In Yoga Asana, yoga bolster may be used in its wide-ranging positions and can bring deep impact on the different systems of the body. Furthermore, firmness and flexibility may be afforded by the continued use of this multi -purpose tool.

Apart from being described by Pantajali, founder of Ashtanga Yoga, as a steady and comfortable posture, asana was proven to keep balance to the totality of mind and body complex. To keep this balance or to even boost the same, yoga bolster brings distinct upshot because it functions more as support for the body while it is on that steady position.

As pointed out in many books, innovations to the present yoga accessories are now deemed as all time high. Apart from yoga accessory descriptions in early yoga books such as Hatha Yoga Pradipika around 1200 AD, there are novel expositions which point out the innumerable benefits of today’s trendy yoga accessories of which yoga bolster is a good example.

Bolster cushion or bolster pillow, and yoga bolster provide comfort and relaxation to a yogi. Usually placed under knees, ankles, or neck, the latter type can aid in the straining of the muscles. Some of those who dare to try Pranayama Yoga, a form of breath control, have found the use of bolster desirable because of its new support features such as having an adjustable valve that allows airflow control.

With the air valve on the accessory bag, the air inside can keep first-rate support to the yogi as he makes micro-movements. Even when a yogi further expands to connecting postures and different breathing as in Vinsaya Yoga, bolster still proves to cater correct alignment of the body and thus, proper pose and balance is created and maintained. Moreover, in the same way as other yoga accessories like, yoga mats, yoga block, yoga strap among others, yoga bolsters also possess capacity to relieve many distracting tensions.

Today, bolsters come in different shapes and sizes and are now made to provide extra strength and support. Depending on the forms of yoga poses sought for, a yoga bolster can perfectly adjust and may be utilized in different styles to suit with personal comfort of the users. Of the famous available sizes, however, round yoga bolster is now widely used because of its ability to maintain proper alignment to the body.

As I said at the beginning, yoga bolster provides restorative healing. It provides relief from tensions and let me say this with reverberation: “There certainly isn’t a medication you can buy or a gadget or a car that will make you feel good the way you do when your body is in perfect condition.” So when there’s something in your nearest store or online that you can grab now which gives perfect boost to the state of your health, waste no time!


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