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YOU” is a Chinese song. I translated it in English; it is a song of a TV/play which tells the story of a very great woman in Chinese history, Xiao Zhuang. She is the grandmother of Kangxi ,the great emperor of Qing Dynasty. This song is about her:

YOU who is from heaven landed on my horse’s back.
You are so beautiful, your eyes are looking like shining water,
your smile is so attractive that can make my heart stop.

YOU who never look back, spread your wings looking for direction which is ahead of you.
A sigh of you can make my whole life feel like cold winter.

YOU who is in the center of thousands of people, enjoying the lofty glory.
I  am not sure if there are tears in your eyes, because I can’t see them.
I don’t have that kind of strength, trying to forget but always failed.

All I can do is waiting for the night to come and dreaming of the one I beloved.


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