You Write, We Read: Member Stories We Love

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The best stories from DivineCaroline users, hand selected by DivineCaroline editors.

  • “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” by Joanne Perella
    Breaking up is rough, especially after a ten-year run. Joanne discusses her decision to cut it off with her long-time hairdresser.
  • “Undefine Me” by “Jennifer Meer”
    Jennifer voices her opinion about marketers no longer targeting the traditional stay-at-home mom, instead aiming at three new archetypes of female consumers.
  • “Following a Fairy Tale, Part 1” and “Following a Fairy Tale, Part 2” by Cortney
    Cortney embraces her independence during a study abroad trip to England in which she witnesses the Royal Wedding. As a little girl who always worshipped Disney princesses, being a part of this moment in history was like a fairy tale.
  • “Coming Out of the Refrigerator, Part 1,” “Coming Out of the Refrigerator, Part 2,” and “Coming Out of the Refrigerator, Part 3” by lady yoga
    One woman’s traumatic story about struggling with an eating disorder and her path to finding peace with her body.
  • “Tried and True” by Sandy Garey
    A unique story about a woman who measures the passing of time by the towels that she buys.



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