You Write, We Read: Member Stories We Love

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The best stories from DivineCaroline users, hand selected by DivineCaroline editors.

• “I’ll Love You Forever, or Until the Cameras Stop Rolling” by Dana Smith
As a closet viewer of The Bachelor, Dana discusses the show’s terrible track record when it comes to the contestants actually finding lasting love.

• “Summer” by DENISE GILL
After being diagnosed with cancer, Denise reflects on the most meaningful moments in her life and comes to the realization that she has not been cheated out of time.

• “Love Letters Lost” by Nancy Davis Kho
In an age where text messages and emails are the new love letters, Nancy reminisces about the significance of the handwritten notes she received from love interests in high school.

• “The Frickin’ Fate Stick” by Amy Shannon
A poignant story in which a woman recalls the parallels between her husband’s terminal illness and the struggle to diagnose her daughter’s alarming, unusual symptoms.

• “Rescue Me–With the Wave of Female Lifeguards Comes Unexpected Complications” by Kathleen Clary Miller
Kathleen muses over her series of youthful crushes on hunky lifeguards and how the introduction of female counterparts complicated things.


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