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The best stories from DivineCaroline users, hand selected by DivineCaroline editors.

“The Ones Left Behind” by When Baby Made 2
A heartfelt description of the healing process after losing a loved one to suicide.

“Advice I Wished I Would Have Paid More Attention to Forty Years Ago” by Rosemary King
As a sixty-year-old woman raised in the boomer generation, Rosemary dishes out valuable advice that everyone should take to heart.

“Memories” by H.M. Covlin
A moving poem that encourages us to treasure every minute of every day.

“The Simplicity of Such a Life” by Loretta Sherfield
Growing up in a financially stifled household, Loretta reflects on her childhood and her family’s minimalist lifestyle, that in today’s world, is a foreign concept.

“What the Forecast Forecasts About YOU!” by Kat Cowley
A short, but sweet story about how when you find true happiness, even the stormiest of days cannot bring you down.
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